Since it normally takes time for a patient to benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine, we recommend starting this treatment before you embark on your assisted programme.

All treatment programmes require a one-hour initial consultation, which we encourage couples to attend together.

Fertility Fitness Check Programme (Price Upon Request)

This is a programme is designed for couples who are planning for a family or trying for a pregnancy. The programme includes:

For women

• Basic line hormone tests (FSH, LH, Oestradiol, Prolactin, Anti-Mullerian hormone, Haematology and Biochemistry).

• Pelvic ultrasound scan.

• Fallopian tubal patency test.

For men

• Semen Analysis.

• Further investigations will be recommended according to the individual cases as necessary.

Acupuncture during your IVF programme: (£285.00)

A three-session programme designed for women who have completed a twelve-week programme of TCM and wish to continue having acupuncture during their assisted fertility treatment.

Natural cycle IUI: (Approximately £600.00 plus prescription and ultrasound scan)

Designed for those who have completed our TCM treatment and are ready to combine with some form of assisted fertility. This procedure will be carried out in conjunction with London Fertility Centre.

Acupuncture can boost fertility and help during pregnancy