Dr Li

Prof Fengxi Li, BSc (TCM), MFTCMP

Professor Fengxi Li has 30 years extensive clinical experience and is a well-known Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist. She is experienced in treating both common and complicated diseases, and chronic illness, and is specialised in treating infertility, acupuncture aided pregnancy, diabetes, etc.

Prof Li worked in China as Dean and Chief Physician of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Department of the comprehensive hospital – Tianjing People’s Hospital, an affiliated hospital of Tianjing Medical University. In 1985, Professor Li began teaching TCM to BSc students, and became a professor of TCM at the same hospital in 1993. This hospital has all clinical departments with advanced medical technology and highly qualified doctors, and it is also a modern medical Centre for research, teaching and health care. Dr Li came to work in the UK in 2007.

Throughout her career, she has treated thousands of patients. She gradually built up fame and has become a reputable TCM doctor. She has also managed and led various clinical research projects and published more than 30 medical journals in professional periodicals at home and abroad.

Prof Li is executive member in various associations, such as Tianjin Chinese Medicine Association, Tianjin Acupuncture Association, and UK Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners (FTCMP).

One of Dr. Li’s present positions is as the TCM Doctor in the Maternity Department of the Whittington Hospital. Doctor Li’s pleasant manner, good character and strong desire to assist her patients makes her a pleasure to deal with. Her native language is Mandarin Chinese but she also communicates well in English.