Q & A

How can acupuncture help me to become pregnant?

Infertility, like other conditions, is a sign of the body being out of balance. Acupuncture
adjusts the body’s life energy (chi or qi) to restore balance, improving overall health. This
can only improve the chances of pregnancy.  

Can I have treatment throughout my menstrual cycle?

Yes. Acupuncture treatment is generally subtle and cumulative with long-lasting benefits. I
recommend regular treatments throughout your cycle.

Can I have IVF at the same time as acupuncture?

Yes. When a woman is healthier, the success rate of IVF rises. Many couples find the IVF
process stressful, an area where acupuncture can help. While IVF has powerful effects on a
woman’s hormones, sometimes taking them beyond desirable limits, acupuncture can help
to regulate hormonal balance by influencing those control centres in the brain and nervous

What if I’m having acupuncture and don’t realize I’m pregnant?

This is a natural concern. It is a similar issue as women avoiding particular foods and
medicines while pregnant. Certain acupuncture procedures are contraindicated during
pregnancy, but many are safe.

Is it safe?

Yes. In the hands of a licensed, experienced practitioner, acupuncture is an extremely safe
treatment. I use sterile needles; they have a doweled end, and do not cut the skin in the
way that injection needles do. Patients generally report a tingling sensation and, later, a
feeling of relaxation.

Is it successful?

Most evidence of success in improving fertility is anecdotal and I have many patients who
have babies as proof, including myself! But success depends on a variety of factors, such as
age, lifestyle and existing medical conditions. There is data that links stress to infertility or
unsuccessful IVF treatments, an area where acupuncture is helpful.