They are developed based on a rolling triennial approach with the primary focus being the first year. 2.4 The University Strategic Plan and Top Level Plans outline our objectives for the next four years. You may also run into Porter’s Five Forces (see #7 below), which is a similar take on examining your business from various angles. It unifies all goals into a single strategy. We recommend determining which of these strategic planning models applies most to your organization’s way of thinking. Monitor performance of the Operational Plan. 7.1 The University will have a planning and reporting framework comprising a hierarchy of plans cascading from the University’s Vision (refer Diagram 1): Tier 5: Individual Staff Performance Planning and Review plans. Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines p7. 7.2 Different types of plans require different level of details but at a minimum strategic, top level and operational plans should include goals, performance indicators, performance targets and timelines. 7.8 Individual staff performance and development plans are fifth tier plans developed and reviewed as part of the University’s performance planning and review process in accordance with the Performance Planning and Review (PPR) Policy. Top Level Plans will complement and augment the Strategic Plan and should link strategy to operation. Approve and amend support plans; and Goal-based strategic planning is the reverse of issue-based. (There are many models for strategic planning -- this framework is for conducting a goals-based plan.) The RACI matrix is a helpful visual for defining the role each person in your organization has for projects and processes, ensuring it aligns with their OKRs. Strategy is a framework of plans or methods that help and organization to achievement of the main objective. They are simply three year or five-year rolling resource budgets and some sort of market share projection. Integrated Planning and Reporting Strategic Planning Framework Short Guide Integrated Planning and Reporting Strategic Planning Framework Short Guide (pdf) (483 KB) pdf. 2.3 These principles are illustrated in the Planning and Reporting Framework diagram included in the Planning and Reporting Framework – Governing Policy. Blue Ocean Strategy is a strategic planning model that emerged in a book by the same name in 2005. The guidance states that . PREFACE All local governments are currently required to produce a plan for the future under S5.56 (1) of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act).It is intended that regulations will be made under S5.56(2) of the Act to briefly Approve minor amendments to correct omissions or inaccuracies to Strategic and Top Level Plans; The organic model takes an unconventional approach because it focuses on the organization’s vision and values, versus plans and processes. 2.2.1 The National Development Plan and the Medium Term Strategic Framework 25 2.2.2Implementation Delivery Model 25 2.2.3Spatial Development Framework 26 2.2.4Budget Prioritisation Framework 26 2.2.5Provincial priorities 27 2.3 Alignment of the policy, planning, budgeting and reporting processes 27 The operational plan will demonstrate how the University will support the delivery of its strategic objectives within the allocated budget. When applying to win the Baldrige award at the national level, organizations undergo a competitive process that involves the implementation of the Baldrige framework. (member of University Executive). Strategic planning may be utilized on a large scale, such as planning for business growth over several years or to help a nonprofit or … The strategy at your organization is nonexistent, and you’re assigned to find a strategic planning model so that you can kick off your, Your company-wide strategy is in place, but entirely ineffective—and you have a hunch that using a strategic planning model (and. This strategic management model is less focused on measures and more on goals and initiatives. 7.4 Top Level Plans are second tier plans, the number and focus of which will be determined by Council from time to time, and the Vice-Chancellor and President will nominate a responsible officer (sponsor) for each Plan. If your organization is able to create a blue ocean, it can mean a massive value boost for your company, its buyers, and its employees. A strategy map offers a host of benefits: See Also: A Strategy Map Template For Medium-Sized Companies. Some of these frameworks have been around longer than others, or have been used in various case studies in different ways.

strategic planning and reporting framework

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