NOTE: The first few nicknames were given to her by her human peers before she met Fitz in Keeper of the Lost Cities. She is 22 years old as of this year, and Sophie Foster is her real name. Throughout Lodestar, Keefe and Sophie had telepathic check-ins every day where Keefe filled Sophie in on any important information regarding the Neverseen. "[1] Sophie’s last name, “Foster,” is an occupational surname meaning “forest guardian.”. The first time she used the ability (other than the time she inflicted on Amy) was when she made her kidnappers fall to the ground in pain in Keeper of the Lost Cities. Biography: Who is Sophie Foster? About Sophie Foster She was born on March 19, 1998 at Reading, England. As of Book 8: Legacy serves in the Nobility as a Regent. Later, Sophie got to know her great-niece, Flori, at Havenfield. So we wanted you to show our world—and your enemies—that you rule your pack, and have the claws and teeth to take anyone on. She first appeared in Things Unknown. Marital Status – –. Many consider her the most powerful Telepath in the Elvin world. In the Barnes and Noble Special Edition Short Story of Nightfall, Keefe admitted that he had a crush on Sophie. In this book, Sophie and her closest friends from the Lost Cities go to join the Black Swan and find out about the Neverseen. Contributor. Sophie's most prominent traits are her protectiveness and willingness to help her friends, even if the situation is risky or dangerous. Turns out Sophie was trying to say the word "suldreen," which means "moonlark. Edaline is a sensitive mother when it comes to Sophie being burnt by something, as her first daughter, Jolie, died in a fire. People were dying. Discover (and save!) Keefe and Sophie first met in the halls of Foxfire. Sophie cannot sleep without the bright blue elephant. Stuffed Animals A prime example would be her constant attempts to contact Fitz in Keeper of the Lost Cities after the Neverseen kidnapped her, despite their threats. Sophie starts the book in the human world, but a mysterious boy (Fitz) comes and tells her she is actually an elf. Alvar Soren Vacker/The Boy Who Disappeared ♦ Brant ♦ Fintan Pyren ♦ Gethen ♦ Jolie Lucine Ruewen ♦ Lady Gisela ♦ Ruy Ignis ♦ Trix ♦ Umber ♦ Vespera, Important Bodyguards She often cries when she's frustrated, usually on her friends' shoulders, and feels guilt easily. Sophie also has a photographic memory, which helped her excel academically in her human schools. Sophie Elizabeth Foster is the main character in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series. They run into unimaginable beasts at the "second" Nightfall and a mysterious prisoner from Lumenaria. Her human father is William David Foster (Connor Freeman), her human mother is Emma Iris Foster (Kate Freeman), and her sister is Amy Rose Foster (Natalie Freeman). Trivia (1) Older sister of actress Rosie Foster. She had a hard time adjusting to having Sophie in Keeper of the Lost Cities, but she eventually sees Sophie as her daughter. Edaline is very supportive of Sophie's decisions and does her best to make sure Sophie is always comforted and safe. Sophie showed signs of being a Polyglot while she was escaping her kidnappers in the first book. And who I want by my side,-even if it means asking those people to risk their lives." Alden is Fitz and Biana's father. In Legacy, Sophie had though Bronte was her biological parent because inflicting was very rare and Bronte was the only other Inflictor. This is why she has so many abilities. Being an Empath, Keefe can feel Sophie's emotions much stronger than he can feel others', even when he is not in contact with her. King Enki ♦ Ermete ♦ Irja ♦ Krikor ♦ Kun ♦ Yegor, Bullhorn ♦ Iggy ♦ Marty ♦ Sprocket ♦ Watson ♦ The Verminion ♦ Verdi ♦ Silveny ♦ Greyfell ♦ Luna ♦ Wynn ♦ Gildie ♦ Linh's Murcat When teleporting, Sophie must build momentum by either falling from a high place such as a cliff, by levitating and then dropping, or by entering the void through sprinting. In this book, Sophie becomes a part of Team Valiant and a Regent. She has received a number of accolades, including being nominated for a record 21 Academy Awards, of which she has won three, and receiving a record 33 Golden Globe nominations, winning nine. I’m sorry if that’s a crime." Although Sophie ignored his warning and later learned that Biana only became friends with her because Alden ordered her to, Dex supported her despite their previous argument. She cried when the time came for her to be separated from them and was depressed for a short time. This ability helps Sophie in classes such as The Universe, as she has the stars memorized. At the end she heals Alden's mind, discovering that she can accomplish this. In Neverseen, she willingly became a Panakes tree to provide a cure for a plague affecting the gnomes. Sophie forgets to let go of Fitz's hand when they're finished light leaping, and she realizes how hard she's been squeezing it. Although he regretted listening to the Council, it still took time for Sophie to forgive him. At the end of the book, during the attack on Lumenaria, Keefe promised Sophie that he would always be there for her. (Pg.19) 2. Sophie struggles to maintain her relationship with Keefe, now that he joined the Neverseen to work as a double agent. After Sophie was found and returned she decided to stay with them and become part of the family. Sophie is only about to be seventeen and finds out the reason she can hear people's thoughts is that she's an elf. In the earlier books, he strongly disapproved of Sophie associating herself with Fitz and his family, claiming that they are a bunch of distrustful people and often referred to Fitz as "Wonderboy." They are very loyal to each other, as shown in Lodestar when Sophie defended the twins while they confronted their parents. He was also suspected to be Sophie’s biological father, and Mr. Forkle assured her that he was not. He, like Edaline, had a hard time adjusting to her, but at the end of Keeper of the Lost Cities, he welcomed her with open arms. She is British by natinoanliy. Fitz transmits "It's me" (revealed in Flashback, Fitz short story), although Mr. Forkle's transmission is unknown. In Book 3: Everblaze, he began working with the Council and building weapons. Sophie was the result of an experiment called Project Moonlark conducted by the Black Swan. If you have any unfortunate news that this page should be update with, please let us know using this form. Coach Rohana • Coach Wilda • Coach Bora • The Boobrie Dude, Previous Attendees (Waywards) Silveny is always there for Sophie and even monitors her dreams sometimes when Sophie is having nightmares. Most Popular #23943. © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Black Swan member, a Level Four Student at Foxfire and a former Exillium student. Later on, Fitz apologizes for how he has hurt Sophie, and they decide to remain as just friends, or at least for the time being. Are you looking for Sophie Foster's Age and Birthday date? Sophie almost always goes to him with problems and concerns and clues about the Black Swan, but she has kept some things from him, like the Spyball (she was afraid he would confiscate it, taking away her only access to her human family). Sophie is the main character of the Keeper of the Lost Cities series—a girl caught between two worlds, struggling to fit in and still live up to the complicated role she was created for. The castle in Lumenaria was destroyed, almost burying him and Councillor Oralie alive. Her Foxfire mentor is Tiergan, and before that, Mr. Forkle trained her mind while she was asleep. Oralie is a Councillor who has constantly supported Sophie since Keeper of the Lost Cities. Sophie and Keefe take over Fitz's project to search Cassius's memories and are able to recover two shattered memories. She ends up with a Ability Restrictor which Dex had built not knowing it would be used on Sophie. He was one of the main Elves involved with tweaking Sophie's DNA and triggered her Telepathy when she was five. King Dimitar ♦ Queen Gundula ♦ Cadfael, Gnomes (Category) In Lodestar, Mr. Forkle died after being stabbed by Gethen in Lumenaria. Lady Gisela forces Tam to join the Neverseen, much to Sophie's horror. Dex is Sophie's first and best friend, as stated in the books, although Biana also considers herself to be Sophie's best friend. It is revealed in the Nightfall special edition short story that Keefe has a crush on her-and that he'll always be waiting until she was ready for more. Category She learned about the Lost Cities and became closer to Sophie. Ella comforted Sophie when she had to leave her human family. She then spoke to an old man in French without realizing it, and Dex recognized that it was a different language. When Sophie had been issued a punishment for entering the ogre king's mind, he was ordered to make her an ability restrictor circlet. Not a defenseless little bird. Even though it is not a special ability, Sophie also has a powerful photographic memory. Keefe promises he'll call her this after Sophie asks for him to promise something in, Assumed to be a mispronunciation of "Sophie," and was turned into a nickname by the Fosters. – –. Only Mr. Forkle and Fitz Vacker can read her thoughts because they have a unique code that allows them to bypass Sophie's blocking subconsciously. At the end of Legacy, they agree to work together on opening it. Sophie Elizabeth Foster ♦ Fitzroy Avery Vacker ♦ Biana Vacker ♦ Dexter Alvin Dizznee ♦ Marella Redek ♦ Keefe Sencen ♦ Tam Song ♦ Linh Song ♦ Wylie Endal, Adults Sophie wants to find out who her biological parents are; after discovering Oralie is her biological mother, she decides to stop searching. Instead of calling Sophie by her first name, Keefe frequently calls her by her last name, Foster, as well as often making comments about "Team Foster-Keefe." She is drugged and unconscious for days, but eventually, Mr. Forkle rescues them, leaving them in Paris. This beautiful actress with a peculiar fate is basically a genius – her IQ is among the highest in Hollywood, and in 1988 an asteroid was named in her honor. Keefe enjoys teasing and jokingly flirting with Sophie at times, even proclaiming himself as "President of the Foster Fan Club.". Her Inflicting and Enhancing abilities were malfunctioning, so she had to have them reset by drinking limbium, which she is severely allergic to and after she had the limbium her inflicting ability was reset and successfully working. With the exception of Mr. Forkle, Sophie is able to read the mind of any Telepath regardless of their blocking. Mr. Forkle was Sophie's next-door neighbor in the Forbidden Cities. It has star-shaped golden leaves that cover the branches and dark brown seedpods. As far as Stina’s concerned, Sophie Foster is the most overrated thing to hit Foxfire since the boring Great Gulon Incident. She and Sophie became friends in Keeper of the Lost Cities, but later, when Sophie started hanging out with the Vackers, Keefe, and Dex more, Marella felt left out and started hanging out with Stina. The name "Sophie," derived from "Sophía" (Σοφία) in Greek, means "wisdom. Sophie can get angry at others, especially when she is frustrated (a prime example being her argument with Oralie after finding out she was her biological mother). Sophie's birth is the result of Project Moonlark, an infamous project started by the Black Swan centered around Sophie and bringing peace to the world. Sophie becomes closer to the Black Swan in this book, having meetings with them. FIS Points. When Sophie became an Enhancer, Linh often put distance between them, fearing that she might flood something again, but in Nightfall she used her ability combined with Sophie's Enhancing in order to save Atlantis. The goal of the project was to acquire a new perspective by having an elf grow up with humans and then come to the Lost Cities. When Sophie discovered "Mr. Forkle's" identical twin, she assumed that Mr. Forkle had not perished and had toyed with her emotions. Though he has a prickly exterior, he has a good heart and cares about Sophie. Mr. Forkle restores her other missing memory and Sophie resets her abilities, and her Inflicting and Enhancing become much stronger. Jodie Foster was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States on November 19, 1962, as Alicia Christian Foster. He is very protective of Sophie, a prominent example being in Everblaze, where he went to the length of mesmerizing the Council into smacking their own faces, in an attempt to save Sophie from her punishment for reading the ogre king's mind. It also allows her to remember information the Black Swan planted in her mind while she was living in the human world. After entering the void, she has to imagine the place she'd like to go to and she will fall through the sky and out of the void to it. Her determination also causes her to be quite stubborn and sometimes hypocritical, especially when it comes to protecting her friends and loved ones. Sophie, with the help of her friends and the Black Swan and other unexpected members, go on the tough journey to gain back her family. The only items Sophie brought with her to the. Not Ella. She can turn on and off this effect by simply tapping her fingernails together. Sophie and Fitz are shown to have a close bond and can telepathically transmit to one another over vast distances. She seems slightly jealous of the admiration Fitz has for Linh. That family has gone majorly downhill since they started wasting so much time on Sophie Foster—and don’t even get Stina started on Sophie. Queen Hylda ♦ Brielle ♦ Bunhead ♦ Cadoc ♦ Councillors' Bodyguards ♦ Lefty and Righty ♦ Lovise ♦ Woltzer, Ogres (Category) Age Keeper of the Lost Cities demonstrated this when she nearly faded away while escaping the Neverseen because she wrapped all her concentration around Dex. Learn about Sophie Foster (YouTube Star): Birthday, bio, family, parents, age, biography, born (date of birth) and all information about Sophie Foster Jensi was later seen at the training that the Exillium Coaches provided for every Lost City citizen, and he was in the Ambi Hemisphere with Sophie, Tam, and Linh. In Nightfall it is mentioned that her sister Amy has a similar favorite toy, a stuffed bunny named Bun-Bun. Councillor Alina ♦ Councillor Bronte ♦ Councillor Clarette ♦ Councillor Darek ♦ Councillor Emery ♦ Councillor Liora ♦ Councillor Noland ♦ Councillor Oralie ♦ Councillor Ramira ♦ Councillor Terik ♦ Councillor Velia ♦ Councillor Zarina ♦ Councillor Kenric Elgar Fathdon ♦ Fintan Pyren ♦ Fallon Vacker, Teenagers In this book, Sophie and her friends return to theLost Cities. Mr. Forkle informed her that there is no way for her to lock it at any time, placing her in a precarious position because an enemy could force her to turn off the force field and enhance them; however, she took the risk anyway because of the advantages the fake nails presented. 15, as of Legacy (Elf age)14, as of Legacy (Human age) At her time at Exillium, she meets the twins, Tam and Linh. Sandor ♦ Grizel ♦ Flori ♦ Romhilda ♦ Botros ♦ Nubiti ♦ Tarina, Other

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