These are tough plants. All the leaves rotted. 3)Then a picture of the plant itself including the "pot" its in.. Let me know what you think. Split Leaf Philodendron Selloum - bought this 2 weeks ago and repotted it. I'm trying to decide how I would proceed. I hope some of my ideas will help to ignite your creative ideas and would love to see how you finish this beautiful room! This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google 100 meters from the ocean and the salt air prohibited some plants from doing well. A North facing window might not be sufficient unless it is a large window. I lived in a Central Florida pool home for 15 years. Clean up any infected leaves, try not to spread the mush on healthy parts. Perched water is water the soil holds so tightly, it won't drain from the pot by the force of gravity alone. If not, there could be a lot more water in there than you think, and/or a build-up of tap water and fertilizer substances could be making your plant ill. You might find something of value in another discussion about the same kind of plant: There are many vines which flower that would look lovely along the concrete wall. Other Names: P. Selloum, Hope Plant, Lacey tree, Native: South America. (Editor's Note: This article was originally published on December 12, 2008) Standing Tall. The new LED type lighting used under cabinets in kitchens can be used with some older fixtures and use very little power for a lot of return. and hybrid) are vining plants prized for their shade tolerance and broad, attractive leaves. Personally, I would try to keep the plant alive over the winter and do a repot in Spring. Your Philodendron Hope Selloum prefers bright, indirect light—placing it near an east or south facing window is ideal. Q: I have a philodendron as a houseplant and I am embarrassed to admit I think it is dying. Leaves farther up on the vine may wilt. Are you still with me? or more with 2ft.-3ft. Keep your plant in a spot with bright indirect light, although it will tolerate lower light... Read more. I have a Philodendron and two tropical plants that were in my kitchen bay window. I just got a p. selloum from a big box store today, deeply discounted because several of the stems in the gallon pot were doing this mushy business, and more on the way. It will, however, survive in lower light and the leaves will turn a darker green. I have a large 6 ft across bedroom window which lets in plenty of light. Finally found one and now my baby is dying...I really love this plant!! Let the plant dry out, don't water until you know the soil is dry down to a fingers depth. I don't want to assume anything, so I'll keep an eye out for a reply and what you think of what I said. Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms: Only the members of the Members group may reply to this thread. Take it to the sink or shower and give it a good rinse with the sprayer all around the leaves, over and under, where the leaves attach to the petiole and a general going over. Help! The most common complaints are yellow leaves with brown spots. I watered it when I got him home after I got him because the soil was dry, but I watered through drainage holes of the plastic gardening container and waited for a while until there was no more water draining (like 35 minutes) before putting him back into his decorative pot. It just uses physics to reduce the amount of excess water the soil CAN hold. Try giving the plant more light. Philodendron usually react to overwatering by getting brown on the tips of the leaves, the brown area gradually extending so that it starts to take up the sides of the leaf as well. - This large leaved philodendron lends a bold, tropical effect to the landscape and is grown outdoors in zone 8b and higher. They grow quite dry. Dry air so I've been misting my plants 3x a week or so when I remember.... Sun is strong here due to the high elevation in the mountains. In spite of its common name, it is not a member of the genus Philodendron (it was formerly classified in that genus) but is in the same family (Araceae). Terms of Service apply. pump, skimmer, etc? The best temperature for this philodendron is about 50°F to 85°F (10°C – 29.4°C). Philodendron xanadu eventually forms dense clumps up to 1.5 metres tall by 2 metres wide. You can see in the attached photo where it is starting to get brown (bottom left). PHILODENDRONS - SELF-HEADING TYPES. To take care of a Philodendron Selloum keep it under indirect or moderate light exposure. You can see in the attached photo where it is starting to get brown (bottom left). I wouldn't even spritz until you see them begin to recover. The Philodendron Hope Selloum (Philodendron bipinnatifidum), recently reclassified Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum or the Tree Philodendron, is a hardy native of the tropical regions of South America.In the correct conditions, their deeply lobed leaves can grow up to almost 5 feet, but indoors they can still give an immensely tropical feel to any room. Repeat this every 3 to 5 days for 3 weeks and this should rid the plant of any of those nasties. Remember if you have grass it will need to be cut and that means grass clippings. This listing is for 1 Philodendron Selloum Plant in a 4 growers pot (Ceramic pot not included). Its dramatic leaves are large with deep lobes. I love your room, and I'm glad you painted the paneling! Can you let me know whats wrong with it? The plant can wait until Spring. These decorating ideas can help your rooms come alive with color, Follow these 10 plant-selection tips to avoid buyer’s remorse, Houzz Call: A tool or material can be a maker’s best friend. I am DEFINITELY open to coming up with a strategy with you on improving the "water retention" issue with my Split Leaf. Plantings near poolside require commonsense. Leaf spots, leaf blights, and tip burns can all mean leaves turning brown on philodendrons. Maybe i need to go back and a) revisit the type of pot my baby is in (obviously needs better drainage, B) soil type - I think the organic potting soil is too dense/tight and needs to be broken up somehow and made lighter, maybe by mixing with another potting medium that allows better airflow and better drainage? Carotovora E. chrysanthemi: Avoid overhead watering. You’ll need a lot of room if you want to grow this upright Philodendron plant as it can grow up to 3 ft. (1 m) tall and 6 ft. (2 m) wide. What causes new leaves on a Philodendron Selloum plant to turn yellow?If full new, & healthy leaves are turning yellow it is likely that the plant is getting too much water and (or) not enough light.

philodendron selloum mushy leaves

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