How this page explains Day Off ? It's a nice day. 0. I run every day. We had to take a day off work to go through the rigmarole of getting state ID cards. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Learn Ludwig. Punctuation also plays a role in differentiating between these types. I stayed home all day. A day off in a sentence 1) I'll have to ask my boss for a day off. a day off in a sentence - Use "a day off" in a sentence 1. Day-off sentence examples. Example sentences with the word day. The next time I get a day off, we'll go to the zoo. “I’m taking the day off” could be any day. 126+6 sentence examples: 1. pony-trekking is a wonderful way of spending a day off. 2nd January 2021. "Day" Have a nice day. Japanese English (US) Closed question Question about English (US) What is the difference between I'm taking a day off today. Would it be such an imposition to take just one day off to go see my parents? He watches TV every day. It's a beautiful day. Your day off is your own . It's a cloudy day. Previous of Day Off. 3. Pony-trekking is a wonderful way of spending a day off. 23 sentence examples: 1. You can also say "I'm taking a day off on Monday." It was a terrible day. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. 2. I have the day off. See also: off. : Of course, there's no such thing as a free lunch, and a day off now has to be … He just wanted, 29) When his father died he felt nothing and had done nothing more than take, 30) She seldom feels unwell,[ … Even Fred O'Connor was taking the day off from his historical research to watch the festivities. 3. 2. For a lot of people, it's a day on, not, 45) Normally, on an off-day after a back-to-back, Jackson might've given the team, 46) In order to help the newcomer Jade, Jiro from Fahrenheit took, 48) Jenny King, a saleswoman at Sun Tech, is asking her manager, Jake Lancer, for, 49) The 28-year-old from Thembalihle works seven days a week as a ranch hand on a 370-acre cattle and sheep farm, getting, 51) He ask the manger's permission to take, 56) The pain was so bad that President Carter had to take, 58) JennKing a saleswoman at Sun Tech , is asking her manager, Jake Lancer,[, 60) He asked the manager's permission to take. 6. Let's go hiking. We are taking only two days off, losers that we are, for our honeymoon, since my partner is in the throes of the second round of financing for her company. This is my day off. But this is a good time to get me a day off. I'll have to ask my boss for a day off. Sentence Examples. 2. I took a half and I'm taking the day off. Can anyone please corrrect the below sentence if it sounds informal and gramatically incorrect. 2. 'day-off' isn't a word. The day off list of example sentences with day off. Perhaps 'off-day' is: "I'm taking an off-day". Like her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Marsh had the kind of marriage she would like to have some day – happy. You are offline. Day-After-Day: of or belonging to or occurring every day.. 0. Let's call it a day. We had to take a day off work to go through the rigmarole of You come across so many sentences every day. If you mean that you have not even one day off during the week, that is, you are working 7 days a week, week after week, then "no day off" is correct. Visit daily to learn some popular English phrases on a regular basis. "day-off" is not a word as far as I know. I take a day off without notice. 0. Tony runs every day. What's your day off? Day off is contained in 1 match in Merriam-Webster Dictionary. I am tempted ( i 4. 2. 126+6 sentence examples: 1. 0. Filter. I am going to take two days off next week. 5) A day off work is such a luxury. Thanks in advance. 4. 22) He was whinging that the boss had shat on him by not giving him, 23) When the rush was over, he insisted that everybody take, 24) I have a tame doctor who'll always give me a sick note when I want, 25) No one at the company is penalized for taking, 26) After working eight days in a row, I'm due for, 27) Although she loved her work, never before had she wished to be on duty on, 28) His sore leg was a pretext. ?Feel free to just provide example sentences. 3. 10. day example sentences. We use this expression to say that we want to join in an activity (IN) or not join in an … I'm taking a couple of days off. Kindly grant me leave for a day on {date}. Study English every day. 1. It has been a while since I remember having a day off. He urged me to take a day off and visit him. He's never had to have a day off other than what's scheduled. I can't remember his taking a single day off work. They're giving us the day off tomorrow and the Fourth of July. Let’s understand the types of sentences. It helps you understand the word Day Off with comprehensive detail, no other web page in our knowledge can explain Day Off better than this page. Off definition is - from a place or position; specifically : away from land. 2. And all of these sentences can be categorized into 4 types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory; each with its own specific purpose. Sentences Menu. After the birth we were set to take yet another day off as both Quinn and Martha were unavailable. 2) I've got a day off tomorrow. Learn definitions, uses, and phrases with day off. These are special phrases and sayings that English speakers use all the time, but you don't often see these phrases in English course books or other study material. 10. She ignored him all day. © 2002 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. I was out all day. But you mean "a day off". Come … You cannot take a day off without authorization. This is my day off. countable noun. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. 4) The staff was drooling over having a day off. Day off definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. 10. a day free from working. or "I'm taking the day off on Monday". 1. informal if somebody has an off day, they do not perform as well as usual He had an off day. 63+1 sentence examples: 1. Do I take a day off work? Examples of how to use “day out” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs 3. 3. 40) Especially providing that tomorrow he has, 43) Sorry to bother you, but I want to take, 44) And since yesterday was the third Monday in January, it was also Martin Luther King Day. Synonyms for day off include break, holiday, leave, long weekend, outing, personal day, R & R, trip, recess and vacation. I feel like taking a day off tomorrow. It's a windy day. Find more similar words at! After the birth we were set to take yet another day off as both Quinn and Martha were … 0. 4 Jul 2018. I cannot take a day 4. How was your day? Discover a new phrase each day to use in your English! 5. a day when you do not work: book/have/take a day off The change in rules meant they would be unable to take a day off if their children were ill. sb's day off I usually catch up with housework on my day off. It was Mrs Dearden's day off, and Paul was on duty in her place. Count me in / out. If you use "the", it suggests that you are thinking only of Monday. : My ideal day off is one spent with a book, a bottle of water and a comfortable lounger somewhere in the sun. High quality example sentences with “I got a day off” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. I took a paid day off yesterday. use "days off " in a sentence I get only five days off this summer. 1. 10. Sentence examples for I got a day off from inspiring English sources. The manager gave the staff the day off. How to use off in a sentence. That is the simplest expression. RELATED ( 1 ) I had a day off. You can say "I'm taking Monday off." I am talking a day off today as I'm not feeling well. 1. 5. Neither is correct. use "day off " in a sentence I felt a little uneasy asking my boss for the day off to watch my son at his hockey tournament, but he had no problem with it. How to use day in a sentence. Download Wordinn Dictionary for PC. Beautiful day, isn't it? Hopefully, all the little ones and not so little, enjoyed their day off school and work due to the downfall of snow, last week. He kept silent all day. She is to take a day off on Thursday. Day Labourer: a laborer who works by the day; for daily wages.. Download Now. I was busy all day. Sentence examples similar to public day off from inspiring English sources similar ( 59 ) And a certain nostalgia for those days still pervades – we visited on Mayday, when residents were enjoying the day off and public billboards were stuffed with Soviet-nostalgic paraphernalia, or posters for the upcoming Victory Day (though that sort of bombast felt rather incongruous in this easy, sociable space). Would it be such an imposition to take just one day off to go see my parents? “I’m taking the day off today” is more specific The sentences basically have the same meaning. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs. It was awfully nice of your boss to give you the day off for your birthday. He took a day off. In fact, you can take a day off. What shall we do on your next days off? The League's top scorer had an off day, missing three good chances. 4. Half the office took a day off. Sign up; Sign in Question Ochan. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes ... Had he been stalking her the day she fell off the bluff? Suggested Videos Next of Day Off. Synonyms: holiday, accumulated day off or ADO [Australian] More Synonyms of day off. have a day off in a sentence - Use "have a day off" in a sentence 1. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~; take ~ .) The cook is having a day off today. I was tempted to take the day off. I met him the other day. : Mind you, today is Ascension Day, a Holy Day of Obligation, so we would have had the day off, anyway. … Look it up now! A day off is a day when you do not go to work, even though it is usually a working day. In case, I need to take extra days to recuperate, I will inform you at the earliest. 5. 0. Taking a day from work and resting will help me overcome this and get back to a normal routine the next day. How to use day off in a sentence. I am taking a couple of days off. 3) You cannot take a day off without authorization. My husband was enjoying the day off from work and watched me scurry about the house. I am taking day-off today as am not feeling well. He interprets a day off from management as a lack of confidence.

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