Change Procnias tricarunculata to Procnias tricarunculatus. Therefore, we separate M. tschutschensis from others in the M. flava complex. FBEPEREREQ8RERcaGhoXER8hISEhHystLS0rMjIyMjIyMjIyMgELCQkODA4fFxcfKyMdIysyKysr We’re a diverse, global network of empowered professionals, working together to advance the scientific study and conservation of birds. , and Zool. en/9k2Ku+s2/jaf8i9P/AOybFXfWbfxtP+Ren/8AZNirvrNv42n/ACL0/wD7JsVd9ag8bTb/AIr0 H0uriMn7Tf78tLg/iMVY7/o/++ofug/7xmKu/wBH/wB9Q/dB/wB4zFXf6P8A76h+6D/vGYq7/R/9 p. 273. VI: Warblers. 1957 wurde eine vierte Checkliste über die Vögel Nordrhodesiens von White und Constantine Walter Benson veröffentlicht. Christopher Helm, A. and C. Black, London. pp. p. 269. The AOU Checklist of North American Birds is the standard reference for the field. This relationship was previously suggested by Hilty and Brown (1986) and Ridgely and Greenfield (2001a), who used the name Griscom's Antwren. Fifty-fourth supplement to the American ornithologists' union check-list of north American birds. Printed in USA. 2KpT/i6x/wCWW7/5Fr/1UxV3+LrH/llu/wDkWv8A1UxV3+LrH/llu/8AkWv/AFUxV3+LrH/llu/+ A. W.Kratter, +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8Am3lPyn5VufKui3Fxounz 37: 327. At the end of the Distribution statement for that species, insert the following new paragraph: Accidental in southern Florida (one photographed and videotaped near Boca Raton, Palm Beach County, 11 March-4 April 1995; [NAS Field Notes 49:242, 1995] and one seen on Key Largo, Monroe County, 16 February 2001). 2002) mentioned in the original description. Soc. This is the 17th supplement since publication of the 7th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologists' Union [AOU] 1998). Plr/AJb0/wCBf/mjFXf4x8tf8t6f8C//ADRirv8AGPlr/lvT/gX/AOaMVd/jHy1/y3p/wL/80Yq7 +Rmnf95LFXfp3VP+pc1L/kZp3/eSxV36d1T/AKlzUv8AkZp3/eSxV36d1T/qXNS/5Gad/wB5LFXf O1jFNvDFU4Vg6h16MARUEHf2OKrsVdiqS+TP+UP0H/tm2f8AyYjxVJ/OTWq38H1jgSYduZthtyb/ Check-list of North American Birds. Accidental in Japan and Kamchatka. The mammals of the Tug Hill Plateau, New York. p. 282. O.Garrido, adobe:docid:indd:6f8d4504-42fd-11de-ab7d-d5b3a4dcb86b For everyone else, the geeky statement above needs some explanation. Casual in central and southern coastal Alaska, central Yukon, British Columbia, western Washington, and California; sight reports (tentatively referred to this species) from Oregon, Nevada, Alabama, and Baja California (audiotaped). Phylloscopus trochilus is moved from the Appendix to the main list because of a welldocumented record from Alaska. 2) Open Excel. American Birds (American Ornithologists’ Union [AOU] 1998). 2003) that confirm earlier suggestions (e.g., Brooks 1914, Aldrich 1946, Hellmayr and Conover 1948) that more than a single species is involved. The International Ornithologists’ Union provides platforms for Working Groups that focus on specific topics and are led by experts in their field and specialists. Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World. The gender of the generic name Ceryle is masculine, whereas the gender of Megaceryle is feminine (David and Gosselin 2002b). 127, Number 3, pages 726 −744. Pelagic waters; nests on islands in burrows, scrapes, or crevices of rocks, under vegetation. Change Tiaris olivacea to Tiaris olivaceus. ): Red Warbler ( Ergaticus ruber) American Ornithologists' Union 2nd edition (incl. Introduced and established in Great Britain, Iceland, southern Scandinavia, and New Zealand. Change Ara erythrocephala to Ara erythrocephalus and Ara erythrura to Ara erythrurus. p. 553. Myrmotherula ignota Griscom. Els seus membres són principalment ornitòlegs professionals tot i que l'afiliació és oberta a qualsevol persona interessada per les aus. Paxinos, Shirihai, pp. Ibis Publishing Company, Vista, California. p. 696. Ra/9VMVd/i6x/wCWW7/5Fr/1UxVVtvM9pdXEdulvcq0rBQzooUE+J5nFWrnzPZ208lu9tcs0TFCy In the list of bird species known from the Check-list area, change 2,031 (from 44th Supplement) to 2,038. p. 231. Make this change also in the Notes under S. brewsteri, below. 10, p. 170. obHwFMHR4SNCFVJicvEzJDRDghaSUyWiY7LCB3PSNeJEgxdUkwgJChgZJjZFGidkdFU38qOzwygp The Union publishes the scholarly journal The Auk as well as the AOU Checklist of … Spotted Flycatcher. Casual in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Europe, northwestern and western Africa, and Kerguelen Islands. ): Red Warbler ( Ergaticus ruber) Sylvia curruca is added to the list (and to the list of birds known to occur in the United States) on the basis of a well-documented record from Alaska. Affinities of the Hawaiian Goose based on two types of mitochondrial DNA data. ABA Checklist Committee. R. M.Zink, p. 495. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Charadrius Leschenaultii Lesson, 1826, Dict. Box 37012, Washington, D.C. 20013-7012, USA, Authors are members of the Committee on Classification and Nomenclature of the American Ornithologists' Union, listed alphabetically after the Chairman. ): 2003, Pavlova et al. The American Ornithological Society is an ornithological organization based in the United States. Avifauna of northwestern Colombia, South America. La societat va ser constituïda a l'octubre de 2016 per la fusió de la American Ornithologists' Union (AOU) i la Cooper Ornithological Society. Birds Recorded from the American Ornithologists' Union Check-list Area Peter Pyle and David F. DeSante Institute for Bird Populations P.O. S. XfozTP8Alvuv+k6b/qrirv0Zpn/Lfdf9J03/AFVxV36M0z/lvuv+k6b/AKq4q79GaZ/y33X/AEnT P. FIFTIETH SUPPLEMENT TO THE AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION CHECK-LIST OF NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS The society was formed in October 2016 by the merger of the American Ornithologists' Union and the Cooper Ornithological Society. Winters near coasts on sandy beaches and mudflats. D. F.Stotz. p. 697, after the account for Saxicola rubetra, insert: Monticola solitarius (Linnaeus). Robbins, Change Touit dilectissima to Touit dilectissimus. 2003, Pavlova et al. application/pdf NIfgtizgFqtskcbEDbFVOx1LSbKJouN9c8mLc7i2mdhUAUB9EbbYqiP07pH/ACzXH/SHN/1SxVH2 K. L.Garrett, Copies are available for $3.00 from Buteo Books, 3130 Laurel Road, Shipman, VA 22971, USA. 2002, Scribner et al. T., 1st suppl. The Greenland specimen was identified as the subspecies P. t. acredula and was treated as such by AOU (1957); it has since been assigned to the nominate race, P. t. trochilus (Williamson 1976). quOmuFMiWqtGKAu2nyAhiKkcQ1aV6bYq5rV3pytkPEBR/uNmGwxVb9SP/LKn/cOm/riqY6HYXbX8 Delete the first sentence of Notes. NOgTH AMERICAN BIRDS The Species of Birds of North America from the Arctic through Panama, Including the West Indies and Hawaiian Islands PREPARED BY THE COMMITTEE ON CLASSIFICATION AND NOMENCLATURE OF THE AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION SEVENTH EDITION 1998 Zo61ogical nomenclature is a means, not an end, to Zo61ogical Science Q8MVQcXmfW7oslpZxSuBWiEvQeJCviqNtta1wyj65pcgh3qYVJb2pyYDFUcNYckD9HXor3Ma0/5O The Committee has continued to operate in the manner outlined in the 42nd Supplement . Im Jahr 1956 wurde er zum korrespondierenden Mitglied der American Ornithologists’ Union gewählt. R. S., Forty -second supplement to the American Ornithologists’ Union Check-list of North American Birds. About Published July 6, 2016 This is the 16th supplement since publication of the 7th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologists’ Union [AOU] 1998). Add to the account: Notes.— Formerly known as Spoonbill Sandpiper. p. 119–120. This is the fifth Supplement since publication of the 7th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologists’ Union [AOU] 1998). The list of British Birds maintained by the British Ornithologists' Union.Generally held to be the 'official' list for British birders, albeit the most conservative one. YqmWKuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxVJfJn/KH6D/2zbP8A5MR4qr6nNrccqDTEtmjK1c3AmLcqnp6K uuid:d4ec0286-04b0-40e2-90e1-0cfeedb13358 Winkler, 137:ukaa030. Before the account for Pterodroma neglecta, insert: Pterodroma macroptera (Smith). Change Leucopternis semiplumbea to Leucopternis semiplumbeus. ZdirgmqsaLHcknoALz/suxVHaXBqy6jbNNDcrGJF5F1uwoFe/qXbr94OKqWpDUTqN16aT8PWk48R Tobish T. G.Jr.. Inskipp, AOS was formed in 2016 with the merger of the American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU), founded in 1883, and Cooper Ornithological Society (COS), founded in 1893. They are treated as a superspecies by Sibley and Monroe (1990). L.McKinnon. Sometimes called Alaska Yellow-Wagtail or Eastern Yellow-Wagtail, but given the non-monophyly of Motacilla flava sensu lato, we avoid hyphenation of the modifier “Yellow” as a group name. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 450 pp. u4SFLcp4HiTbtycAV3xVH4q7FXYqkvkz/lD9B/7Ztn/yYjxVMrq8t7ON3mcVRS4jBHNgB0VSRUmm Nested formerly in Armenia and suspected of nesting in Syria and Iran. Breeds mainly in bare or sparsely vegetated areas, normally near water in desert and semi-desert situations. Zool. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, D.C. Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa: The Birds of the Western Palearctic, vol. First North American record of Greater Sandplover. Birds 53:441–443, 1999) was rejected because published and archival photographs probably pertain to the Asian/Australasian subspecies of the Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis coromandus). The following is a list of journals and magazines relating to birding and ornithology.The continent and country columns give the location where the journal or magazine is published and may not correspond with its scope or content. p. 58. u4QdmtP+C0//AKo4q7hb/wA1p/wWn/8AVHFWReTFiF9PwaAn0v8AdRtiftL1+rRo334qzHFUl8mf Eurynorhynchus pygmeus Spoon-billed Sandpiper. J. A.Ottenwalder. K., 2018. i7/4GT/vE4q79Ja7/wAtF3/wMn/eJxV36S13/lou/wDgZP8AvE4q79Ja7/y0Xf8AwMn/AHicVRdj Eastern populations migrate north of the deserts of central Asia. Over the years, AOU Checklist iterations shifted in emphasis on splitting vs. lumping as the causes of variation in form became better understood. Change Saxicola torquata to Saxicola torquatus. Gambell, Alaska, Autumn 2002: First North American records of Willow Warbler (, MtDNA from fossils reveals a radiation of Hawaiian geese recently derived from the Canada Goose (, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. q1tFrNzMIjcvBUE85ZrtVFPcX7Yqjf0Tq/8A1dof+km8/wCyzFU2GmabQctQua96X01K/wDI7FXf Pipits and Wagtails of Europe, Asia and North America. S. L.Talbot, ): Japanese Quail ( Coturnix japonica) American Ornithologists' Union 6th edition (incl. R. Terry Chesser, Richard C. Banks, F. Keith Barker, Carla Cicero, Jon L. Dunn, Andrew W. Kratter, Irby J. Lovette, Pamela C. Rasmussen, J. V. Remsen, Jr., James D. Rising, Douglas F. Stotz, Kevin Winker, Fifty-First Supplement to the American Ornithologists' Union Check-List of North American Birds, The Auk, Volume 127, Issue 3, 1 July 2010, Pages 726–744, … In the Notes for Leucopternis albicollis, change polionota to polionotus. Gv2j/Np8h/4Y4q1YXmn2nqevp1pe8+PH1vTHCla09PT061xVmuhaomqWjOsSQei3p+nGxZQoA40L (Macao, south-eastern China.). In Notes under Aratinga finschi, change leucophthalmus to leucophthalma. A field guide to reptiles and amphibians of eastern and central North America, Third Ed. In addition, several minor changes are made to correct citations of generic names or other errors. 2003). 2003). Change Conopias albovittata to Conopias albovittatus in the heading and text of the account. TTafaySSSWsLO7tDGzMzNGSSSdziqbf4M8n/APVh03/pDg/6p4q7/Bnk/wD6sOm/9IcH/VPFXf4M Hist. rTUra4jrx5xRM61Haq3hxVF23lG7s50uba+iSWPdW+rOaVFOhuiMVZDZx3cUIS9nW5lqSZFj9IU7 17/lhm/5GR/9luKoO7W5sZfQvF9CQgNwknhU0PehvfbFVD62v86f9JEP/Zdirvra/wA6f9JEP/Zd ozTP+W+6/wCk6b/qrirv0Zpn/Lfdf9J03/VXFXfozTP+W+6/6Tpv+quKu/Rmmf8ALfdf9J03/VXF FORTY-NINTH SUPPLEMENT TO THE AMERICAN ORNITHOLOGISTS' UNION CHECK-LIST OF NORTH AMERICAN BIRDS Nat., ed. This is the second Supplement since publication of the 7th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologists' Union 1998).It summarizes decisions made by the AOU's Committee on Classification and Nomenclature between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2001. Report of the California Bird Records Committee: 1997 records. Banks, The evolutionary biology of kingfishers (Alcedinidae). For full access to this pdf, sign in to an existing account, or purchase an annual subscription. Leucopternis plumbea to Leucopternis plumbeus, Leucopternis semiplumbea to Leucopternis semiplumbeus, Touit dilectissima to Touit dilectissimus, Siphonorhis americanus to Siphonorhis americana, Lophornis brachylopha to Lophornis brachylophus, Lampornis calolaema to Lampornis calolaemus, Philydor fuscipennis to Philydor fuscipenne, Machetornis rixosus to Machetornis rixosa, Conopias albovittata to Conopias albovittatus, Schiffornis turdinus to Schiffornis turdina, Procnias tricarunculata to Procnias tricarunculatus, Helmitheros vermivorus to Helmitheros vermivorum, Melozone biarcuatum to Melozone biarcuata, Dives atroviolacea to Dives atroviolaceus. J.Raffaele. O. H., The additions to the main list bring the number of species recognized as occurring in the Check-list area (main list) to 2,038. American Ornithologists' Union 2nd edition (incl. Change Delichon urbica to Delichon urbicum. 2003). 3. It is a weakly differentiated population allied with M. vitellinus (Haffer 1975). (Holland.). evbFUX9Tsv8Ali1j/kdJ/wBlGKoiz0ixu2ZTFqVvxFaz3Eqg+wpM2KpnY6TbafI0kDzMWHEiWaSU Changes in this Supplement fall into the following categories: (1) two species are added to the list because of splitting of species previously on the list (Branta hutchinsii, Geotrygon leucometopia); (2) five species are added to the list or are moved from the Appendix to the main list because of new distributional information (Pterodroma macroptera, Charadrius leschenaultii, Phylloscopus trochilus, Sylvia curruca, Muscicapa striata); (3) two species replace others currently on the list because of splitting from extralimital forms (Myrmotherula ignota, Motacilla tschutschensis); (4) seven English names are changed without change in the scientific name (Lesser SandPlover, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Gray-fronted QuailDove, Gray Nightjar, Yucatan Woodpecker, Darksided Flycatcher, Gray-streaked Flycatcher); (5) two species are added to Part 1 of the Appendix (Luscinia sibilans, Monticola solitarius); and (6) spelling changes are made in the endings of 28 species names to bring them into conformity with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (see David and Gosselin 2002b). ): Red Warbler ( Ergaticus ruber) American Ornithologists' Union 2nd edition (incl. The Checklist of New Mexico Bird Species lists all the species of birds that have been verified by specimen, photograph, or audio recording in New Mexico and that have been accepted as valid by the New Mexico Bird Records Committee. Amer. p. 364. For the last 130 years and through seven editions, it’s served as the official authority on classification and names of all bird species on this continent. Oiseaux, Adumbr., p. 3. Larvivora sibilans Swinhoe, 1863, Proc. flyrfeMVRGj+XrXWfWMMsUYg41Po20leXL/fE0lPs98VTP8AwHF/y0Q/9Ikf/NWKp1p2najZNEkl 13The authors are members of the American Ornithologists’ Union’s Committee on Classification and Nomenclature—North and Middle America, listed alphabetically after the Chairman. 1200.00 A.Keith, and Check-list of Birds of the World, vol. Hxf80Yq79L+W/wDqzWP/ACPi/wCaMVd+l/Lf/Vmsf+R8X/NGKr4Ne0G2lWe30mziljNUdZ4gQfY8 Cm/EMdt8VRuKuxV2KpL5M/5Q/Qf+2bZ/8mI8VTrFVruEUsaniC1AKmg8AMVSe71jT7qIRpPe2rAh I3BBxVvFXYqkvkz/AJQ/Qf8Atm2f/JiPFUP5jg1WW6iNgtwyCOjegzqK1PXhfWu/0H54qlH1TzGT p. 409. (Coast of Chukotski Peninsula.). Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. 9l2KovSZbttTtQ5l4mVa1NzTr/l3jr94OKtapNd/pK7CGXiJnAobmmzHpwvEX7gMVQomvK7maneh Because this will be the last supplement before the publication of the 7th edition of the Check-list, it also summarizes other … This is the fourth Supplement since publication of the 7th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologists' Union [AOU] 1998). Resident on Hispaniola in the mountains of the Dominican Republic; not known from Haiti (but see Keith et al. Garrido, p. 304. A Handbook. aj/zRiqd2Og67BJFeRzQy7cgk81y6kMtPijc+/fFU1VPM6CiLpyj2EwxVE2X6b9b/cj9V9Hiaeh6 Formerly included G. leucometopia of Hispaniola, now separated on the basis of differences in mensural characters, plumage, and habitat preference (Garrido et al. L/gt8VQfq2H++bf79O/5rxVUt47e6lWC2toJZXNFjT9HljtXYBvbFUf/AIf1D/q0f8JYf81Yq7/D Birds 53(1): 99, cover, 1999; Rogers and Jaramillo 2002]). Gibson, Fauna, p. A., It summarizes decisions made between 1 January 2009 and 31 March 2010 by the AOU's Committee on Classification and Nomenclature—North and Middle America. Report of the California Bird Records Committee: 1999 records. Auk 135: 798-813. p. 237. It summarizes decisions made by the AOU’s Committ ee on Classifi cation and Nomenclature—North America between 1 January and 31 December 2006. Yale University Press, New Haven, Connecticut. American Birds (American Ornithologists’ Union [AOU] 1998). K.Mild, and Auk 117:847-858. jRU5KRBcRb1A63CKD9GKpziqS+TP+UP0H/tm2f8AyYjxVJvOSWralCZygb0BTmLYmnN/+WiaJvuG p. 644. Change Lampornis calolaema to Lampornis calolaemus. Lu4a7kJr6jqiEA0+GkaqNsVROKuxVJfJn/KH6D/2zbP/AJMR4qnWKuxVBX2l2uoMrzmVWQUDRSvE ul7/AMHL/DV8Vd9U8x/77vv+Dl/7y+KtfUvMQJYRXtT1POWpp7/pfFVe103zBcy+k73NsKE+pM9x Breeds on islands in the southern Atlantic and Indian, and southwestern Pacific, oceans on Tristan da Cunha, Gough, Prince Edward Islands, Crozet Islands, and Kerguelen Islands, islets off the south coast of western Australia, and on offshore islets and headlands of North Island, New Zealand. vUhtZw3y+O2cU38MVQf1q1/6u2rf9Ip/7IMVQd9fXcZT9HX+oTg15maF46eFOOmPXFUJ+ktd/wCW 5) Select the downloaded file. 2000. Checklist of North American Birds, 7th ed. p. 248. Er interessierte sich auch für schwierige … IzTv+8lirv07qn/Uual/yM07/vJYq79O6p/1Lmpf8jNO/wC8lirv07qn/Uual/yM07/vJYq79O6p 2002:898); Remove (H) from Bulweria bulwerii, now known also from North Carolina (Banks et al. ): Japanese Quail ( Coturnix japonica) American Ornithologists' Union 6th edition (incl. Two new members were added to the commi tt ee in 2006— R. Terry Chesser … American Ornithologists Union. Migrates from interior breeding grounds to coastal wintering areas. In the supplement, the North American species Melanitta americana was separated from the species Melanitta nigra. P. C.Rasmussen, The Committee has continued to operate in the manner outlined in the 42nd Supplement (AOU 2000) but is now publishing Supplements annually so that changes accepted by the Committee may be publicized more quickly. Greater SandPlover. D. L.Dittmann, p. 739. What is the American Ornithological Society? p. 401. Reanalysis of relationships of forms in the Pygmy Antwren complex (Isler and Isler 2003) has shown that the Myrmotherula ignota group in Panama and Colombia is conspecific with M. obscura rather than being closely related to M. brachyura; see the Notes under the latter in the seventh edition. tpc93Eb6/tbORY/hS4hikYrybcGU1piqTfo7y9/1eNO/6Rbf+uKu/R3l7/q8af8A9Itv/XFXfo7y American Ornithologists' Union, Baltimore, Maryland. JPEG /GPlr/lvT/gX/wCaMVTDT9UsNViabT5hPGjcGYAijUrT4gPHFUXiqS+TP+UP0H/tm2f/ACYjxVS8 Accidental in Greenland (specimen from Hold with Hope, Myggbukta, 18 September 1937 [Bird and Bird 1941]) and in western Alaska (at least one photographed at Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, 25–30 August 2002 [Lehman 2003]). Sylvia Scopoli, 1769, Annus I Hist. In the Notes under Melozone kieneri, change M. biarcuatum to M. biarcuata. An updated list of the bird species known from the AOU Check-list area may be accessed at Breeds from central Turkey and northern Jordan eastward locally through Kazakhstan to southeast of Lake Baikal in Siberia, southern Mongolia, and north-central China, and south to Afghanistan; probably also in northwestern India, where present in summer. /B3v/ZFiqJ05tSub2GC6ur1IpDxZke65AkHj/e2iL161OKs3gi9CFIebScFC85Dydqd2Pc4qqYq7 2003) indicate that Motacilla flava encompasses two or more species, of which only one occurs in our area. Also reported in the Andaman Islands and southern India, where status requires clarification. The American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU) Checklist of North American Birds was first published in 1886. E. E., Winters in central and southern Africa from 11° to 12° N in western Africa to 1° to 2° N in eastern Africa; a few also to western and central Ethiopia and southeast Somalia, casually north to Europe where most recorded from the Mediterranean region, but recorded north to Great Britain. f+jSP/mrFXf4Di/5aIf+kSP/AJqxVXsfJkdleQ3YniYwOHAFsik0/wAoNtirr7ybHe3k12Z4lMzl 59th Supplement, Auk 2018, vol. 36th suppl. In the citation for the genus Synthliboramphus, change M. Brandt to J. F. Brandt. nPl2+3tTFUfirAdTS7Oo3RWScL60lAovqU5Hp6S8Pu2xVRhN9BMkweZzGwYLIuoMpp2ZWShGKpmd 1OT0ZXWFlaW1xdXl9WZ2hpamtsbW5vY3R1dnd4eXp7fH1+f3OEhYaHiImKi4yNjo+Ck5SVlpeYmZ FXYqkvkz/lD9B/7Ztn/yYjxVBeaDfi7iNoXVTHuUeVd+TbUhuoP1fTiqSc9a/wB+T/8AI26/7yGK Buteo Books is the official sales outlet for publications of the AOU. VDAEfTiq/FWBanckajdABtpnG3q02Y/y6fIP+GOKoX603g//ACW/7xmKou01n6rGY2tIbircuc63 American Ornithologists’ Union, New York. The AOU is a member of the Ornithological Council and Ornithological Societies of North America (OSNA). Change the Notes to read: Formerly known as Red-vented Woodpecker. D. D., ): Japanese Quail ( Coturnix japonica) +JraFOCwCBIxQDioDKa7YqmeKuxV2KuxVJfJn/KH6D/2zbP/AJMR4q1rflxNZuI52lSP004UeFZT 1) Download file as CSV. Though AOU is primarily a professional organisation, many among its members of about 4,000 are amateurs who are devoted to the progress of ornithological science. 380 likes. Field Museum of Natural History Zoological Series 13. Connor, P. F. 1966. comm. ... Other important publications of the organisation include the ‘AOU Checklist of North American Birds’, the accepted reference composition for ornithology, and the ‘Ornithological Monographs’, a monograph … This is the fourth Supplement since publication of the 7 th edition of the Check-list of North American Birds (American Ornithologists' Union [AOU] 1998). T. H.Fisher. Change Ara severa to Ara severus. l897MLp7hk9Lb1zckV5L0+s/D92KsrxVJfJn/KH6D/2zbP8A5MR4qknnRYTqUPqiI/uBT1Db1+2/ p3VP+pc1L/kZp3/eSxV36d1T/qXNS/5Gad/3ksVd+ndU/wCpc1L/AJGad/3ksVd+ndU/6lzUv+Rm 3rd ed. /p+xVVt4NTuZkgj+tBpGCgsb4KKmlWY9B4nFWYaBpl9pqTLeyiUyFSlJZZaUrX++Jp9GKpvirsVd The cases treated … This is a list of lists of lists, a list of list articles that contain other list articles on the English Wikipedia.In other words, each of the articles linked here is an index to multiple lists on a topic. 1200.00 American Ornithologists' Union 5th edition (incl. 2. I/6ScVR2kajrVxerFfRyCEq1S1o0IBAqKuZ5P1YqyDFXYq7FXYqkvkz/AJQ/Qf8Atm2f/JiPFU5Z 1991. m+84qhPV07wh/wCCsf8AskxV3qad/LD99j/2SYq71dO8If8AgrH/ALJMVZN5P9Bnke3tImAqGu1a Check-list of Birds of the World, vol. In the citation for Phalacrocorax penicillatus, change M. Brandt to J. F. Brandt, following Dickinson (2003). Winters in the Old World from south-eastern Asia and the Philippines to the Greater Sundas and northern Australia. Biol. 59–60. Adobe InDesign CS3 (5.0) 8n/9WHTf+kOD/qnirv8ABnk//qw6b/0hwf8AVPFXf4M8n/8AVh03/pDg/wCqeKu/wZ5P/wCrDpv/ R. C., I36YqgvTsP8AfcP/AAC/9k+Ku9Ow/wB9w/8AAL/2T4q707D/AH3D/wAAv/ZPirvTsP8AfcP/AAC/

american ornithologists union checklist

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